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Sustainability Success for Ginlong Solis Inverters

Solis zero-carbon tree presented by the manufacturer

Ginlong Technologies Co Ltd, known better within the solar industry as Solis, has been awarded as the winner of the 2022 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA). This global recognition of the company’s continuous dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility is an impressive moment for them.

Long-standing Inverteree supplier wins sustainability award.

The theme of AREA 2022 was categorised as ‘The ZERO Shift’ – meaning the winners demonstrated a net-zero approach, including zero emissions, waste, and inequality, across the entire sustainability cycle.

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Global Marketing Director for Solis, Lucy Lu, stated “We are very proud and honored to receive this award”, adding that “Solis will continue working with its partners in a quest for a net zero world.”

Alongside their commitment to maintaining and improving their sustainable business practices, Solis has also been praised for their work within society – the company donated over £125,000 along with medical supplies as part of the COVID-19 pandemic. Solis also donated over £380,000 in scholarships for higher education, and donated inverters to multiple non-profit photovoltaic projects.

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Ginlong Solis solar inverters for homes and commercial solar PV

More recently, Solis supplied its inverters as part of the 300MW Tidal Flats Power Station in Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province. This project used their 215-255kW three-phase string inverter series, which has a max. efficiency of 99%, >150% DC/AC ratio, supports compatibility with high power and bifacial modules and offers an anti-PID function to improve system efficiency.

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“The best thing about Ginlong Solis inverters is that they are extremely easy to install. Cables and connections are easy to access and this makes the installation process very fast and convenient. Other Ginlong Solis components can also be added very easily at any time. Another positive Solis feature is the solar monitoring portal. The amount of data is huge.”

Solis inverters are characterized by intelligent device design, maximum flexibility and smart functions.

  • Easy installation: Simply swing the inverter into the wall bracket.
  • Uniform design for each inverter category: Once you are familiar with one model, you can easily install others too.
  • Highest service quality: Easily accessible interfaces, remote updates and the PC board replacement process ensure quick and easy servicing.
  • Easy to use: Integrated data communication and online monitoring through an online platform
  • Future-proof: Open interfaces ensure the easy integration of third-party components – today and in the future.

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How good is a Solis inverter?

Solia residential inverter efficiency standards are generally 95% to 98%. Solis inverters meet these standards and have at least 97% max efficiency throughout their full product range. A number of Solis models have over a 98% max efficiency

Is Solis a Tier 1 inverter?
So there is no question about the fact that Solis offers premium Tier 1 product that will last longer than others, allowing you a seamless experience post-installation. Performance: Solis inverters, whether single-phase or three-phase, are designed to operate in moist, humid, as well as freezing temperatures
Is Solis inverter monitoring free?

Both solar pv system owners and installers can use the online tool free of charge to view important data such as installed system capacity, current daily values, PV yield and energy consumption at any time.

Is Solis inverter battery compatible?

Ginlong Solis hybrid inverters are currently compatible with BYD, LG Chem, Pylon and other solar battery brands.