Lets grow and be successful together!

When we talk about partners at Inverteree.com, we mean that literally and act accordingly. That is why we are helping you to be successful on the market with our “International Reseller and Partner Program” (IRPP), supporting you where we can and always listen to your requests and queries. Benefit from the extensive service initiatives and marketing services plus receive special discounts and conditions.

As an INVERTREE Premium Partner, you become a member of a strong community of more than 1000 partners worldwide and benefit from the great brand awareness. We look forward to a successful partnership!


As an INVERTEREE Premium Partner, you will benefit from a strong partner program which you can use to build on specific strengths:

Power Inverters Reseller and Benefits Overview 

Our Products

We source products that are suitable to all applications, from domestic installation right up to large-scale commercial solar and wind installs.

To do this, we make sure we curate our product portfolio to only ever add products that offer genuine quality. We consciously do not offer copycat brands and work hard to deliver the widest array, with great stock of products that are tailored for the EU/EEA, UK and the USA markets.

Our core product portfolio covers solar PV, EV charging, wind and energy storage for grid tie and off grid applications.. Browse them in our inverter shop or send us a mail via the contact form below if have any special needs.


As a key player in renewable components distribution, INVERTEREE is also dedicated to offering fair and honest pricing on all its products. When you become a INVERTEREE Partner, you have 24/7 access to competitive pricing, and even have access to our special offers that could save you time and money.

Pre-Sales Support

Take advantage of discounts for our seminars and joint public relations in order to enhance your profile in your market.

Data Sheets, Brochures and Warranties

You need a product manual, data sheet or brochure for a product? Each product in our online webshop has a selection of documents available linked with it, available to you to save or print in one easy click.  To see the many solar and wind products we stock, please visit our inverter products page.

Customer Acquisition

We help you when it comes to acquiring customers with lucrative discounts on our acquisition tool. You will be given your own personal INVERTEREE advertising cost budget and we acknowledge our customers and list them as partners on our international website.

System Design

Our get technical support hotline is always available to you. Our experienced engineers help with information on products or offer support with the planning of PV systems of all sizes. As a Premium Partner of INVERTEREE, you will receive the best conditions for our new technical services.

Order Management and E-Commerce

We advise you in logistics matters and allow you to use the forwarding company you desire. You can also benefit from individual payment and delivery conditions.

Customer Care

Regional and International INVERTREE events offer the ideal opportunity for a lively exchange and you are always kept up to date with the INVERTERE Premium Partner news.



How do I become a Premium Partner?

Your sales representative will be happy to advise you and explain how you can become a Premium Partner or a Preferred Premium Partner.

How long is my status valid for?

Your status is valid for one year starting from 1st January of the current year and ending on 31st December.

What does the advertisement subsidy involve?

The advertisement subsidy is recalculated each year at the time of the recertification and allocated to each Preferred Premium Partner in the form of an online voucher.

The total of the advertising budget amounts to 0.2% of the previous year’s turnover, at a maximum of € 1,500. The voucher can then be used for each future advertising media order and entered into the fields provided for each order. The advertising budgets are cancelled automatically at the end of 31st December of each year. The payment or further use of potentially outstanding amounts is not possible.
You can also continue to use the advertising budget for your promotional activities outside the INVERTEREE promo shop e.g. for trade fair support or the placement of newspaper advertisements.

How do I become a Reseller?

All you need to do is to provide all your details requested to one of our Account Managers and you are good to go. Sounds simple? It is not. In reality we screen all our Partners when they join us and we are keep vetting them until they are on board. If you qualify, you will be notified via mail by one of our Account Managers.

How do I become a supplier of Inverteree?

There is no point of sending us unsolicited mails regarding your request. All  our existing suppliers are Tier 1, NASDAQ, Bloomberg and Forbes 2000 listed solar component and power inverter manufacturers. If you feel that your company` products can compete with the Mercedeses, BMWs, Ferraris and the Rolls Royces of the solar and wind industry it is fine with us, but you will need to meet a very tuff criteria to enter the Club. Otherwise you are more than welcome. You cab contact us via our contact form.

Can I apply from outside EU/EEA?

Sure you can. We have Partners from all over the world.

Do I get discounts by becoming a member of the Reseller and Partner Program?

In majority of the cases the simple answer is yes, though just because you are a solar installer or a builder does not qualify you automatically to a discount. As indicated earlier all our Partner are screened and vetted; therefore your discount level is always set and adjusted to that evaluation.

Can my discount be lost or increased?

Yes . Your Reseller and Partner status is reevaluated on yearly basis. Based on your placed orders during a full calendar year your discount level can be increased or decreased by INVERTEREE. In all cases you will be informed by your Account Manager.

Register or log in  here to our Trade Partner Program or please fill out the necessary information, and we will respond as soon as we can.

Applying to our Reseller and Partner Program we would require detailed information about your business. We mean beside the ones publicly available about your solar business or company. Send us a short mail explaining who you are and why would you like to join and one of our team members will be back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you.