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Sunny commercial project with Fronius inverter

Commercial project with Fronius inverter

With the wide range of Fronius inverter solutions, small commercial enterprises as well as large industrial companies can be fully supplied with renewable energy from the sun. Experience it, see for yourself – take a look at our products & solutions for systems in the commercial and industrial sector.

Optimizing OPEX with Fronius inverters

For larger solar photovoltaic systems it is important to keep the operating costs (OPEX) as low as possible and to maximize the yield as much as possible. This results in shorter payback periods and high returns (a higher return on investment) – to the delight of every investor.

By using Fronius inverters, an economically viable PV system can be implemented even under complex system conditions. Thanks to the Superflex Design feature of Fronius Symo, even complex plans with different roof pitches or shading are not a problem.

For simple freestanding or roof systems, you can use the Fronius Eco to design and implement the system in a cost-optimized way.

Compact, reliable and flexible solar inverters

The Fronius SnapINverter series offers a selection of compact and flexible pv inverters for small to medium-sized, cost-effective photovoltaic systems. This means that both roof-mounted and ground mounted (free-standing) systems can be implemented for commercial and industrial solar projects.

Fronius trainings & webinars

With Fronius webinars you can expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home or workplace. The webinars take place online and can be attended via a laptop or smartphone.

Watch the free recording on our YouTube channel at any time.

You need the right Fronius inverter? You can chose one for less in our shop:

  • Singe phase inverter
  • Three phase inverter
  • Hybrid inverter

Solar inverters for unprotected outdoor areas

Beside the commercial size Symo and Eco, the Fronius Tauro inverter is the right choice for large solar pv systems. Check Fronius Tauro in our shop  – take a look at our robust project inverter for unprotected outdoor areas.

Fronius SnapINverters

“The best thing about Fronius inverters is that they are extremely easy to install. Cables and connections are easy to access and this makes the installation process very fast and convenient. Other Fronius components can also be added very easily at any time. Another positive Fronius feature is the Solar.web portal. The amount of data is huge.”

Fronius SnapINverters are characterized by intelligent device design, maximum flexibility and smart functions.

  • Easy installation: Simply swing the inverter into the wall bracket.
  • Uniform design: Once you are familiar with one model, you can easily install others too.
  • Highest service quality: Easily accessible interfaces, remote updates and the PC board replacement process ensure quick and easy servicing.
  • Easy to use: Integrated data communication and online monitoring through Fronius Solar.web.
  • Future-proof: Open interfaces ensure the easy integration of third-party components – today and in the future.


Are Fronius inverters worth it?

You should never forget that solar inverter costs generally only run between 10-20% of your total system, so often it is worth investing in a high quality inverter given this will have a large impact on the efficiency and performance of your entire solar pv system.

Is Fronius a good brand?
Fronius is an Austrian brand. The company is highly regarded in the solar pv  world and generally considered the world’s leading string solar inverter manufacturer. This reputation is not based on sales volume, but service, quality and most importantly operational reliability.
Is Fronius monitoring free?

There is a free Fronius Solar. web account available, and for those who want to know every detail about their solar pv system, there is also a paid premium version.

Fronius Solar.web is not just a professional monitoring tool that provides installers with real-time system data at all times, but it also offers comprehensive analysis functions that enable individual consultation and ongoing optimization of the PV system.

Both system owners and installers can use the online tool to view important data such as installed system capacity, current daily values, PV yield and energy consumption at any time.

Which inverter is better Fronius or SMA?

While Fronius solar inverter has a wider offer of size ranges, SMA has a higher average efficiency rating and a slightly lower price point. Though, it may be worth comparing prices if multiple inverters are required under SMA, there may be a single inverter option with Fronius. So the winner is SMA.

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