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OutBack Power,  a member of The Alpha Group — a global alliance of independent companies that share a common philosophy of creating world-class powering solutions for the renewable energy, communication, commercial and industrial markets. Bottom line: If you are installing or upgrading to a battery-based renewable energy system, the Solar + Energy Storage Experts at OutBack Power are one of the best choices out there.

Inverteree is an Official Outback Power Reseller and Solar Installer of off grid solar panel inverters, hybrid inverters, charge controllers and components, vetted and approved by Morningstar, Germany. Products and components are shipped out of Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, USA and the UK. 

Are Outback Power inverters any good?

The main feature of Outback inverters is that they are built for very rugged power and physical environments, making them a very reliable solar inverter. Outback inverters are pure sine wave hence appliances that use them do not make a continuous humming or buzzing sound.

How do i size my charge controller?

Using the 125% safety factor, the solar charge controller should be rated for a minimum of 8A * 1.25 * 1.25 = 12.5A. Overcurrent protection should be sized the same way, and the next nearest size device used. In this example, a 15A circuit breaker would be used.

Is solar inverter different from normal inverter?

Solar Inverter also operates related to the regular inverter, but it has an extra feature to charge the battery using solar panels, and it runs in hybrid mode, it means it charges the battery using electricity as well as the solar panel.

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