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With its 280 employees, KACO new energy is one of the most important producers of inverters for photovoltaic (PV) plants and energy storage systems. Since the foundation of the company we have shipped more than 880,000 inverters all over the world.

The German company is  committed to digitalization in the power supply industry, integrating solar PV into various sectors and are thus actively shaping the energy world of tomorrow in different countries. Since the end of April 2019, KACO new energy has been a subsidiary of Siemens AG.

Inverteree is an Official Kaco Reseller and Solar Installer of grid tie solar panel inverters, hybrid inverters and components, vetted and approved by Kaco, Germany. Products and components are shipped out of Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, USA and the UK. 

Are Kaco solar inverters any good?

Kaco inverter is a German engineered solar panel inverter. Comes with a 25 year warranty, which is excellent!

How do i size my inverter?

The size of your inverter should be similar to the DC rating of your solar panel system; if you are installing a 5 kilowatt (kW) system, you can expect the proposed inverter to be around 5000 W, plus or minus a small percentage due to the resistance of your electrical components and the efficiency of your inverter.

Is solar inverter different from normal inverter?

Solar Inverter also operates related to the regular inverter, but it has an extra feature to charge the battery using solar panels, and it runs in hybrid mode, it means it charges the battery using electricity as well as the solar panel.

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